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Farmstar Direct Manure Injection System
  • Heavy construction
  • Chopper distribution manifold
  • Hydraulic mainline shut off
  • Five shanks to choose from to fit your needs
  • Breakaway swing arm - no backing up
  • Several sizes and configurations

Farmstar 30' Bar Manure Injection System
  • Low Rate
  • No-Till Direct Injection
  • True No-Till Application
  • Maintain High Flow Rates
  • Few Moving Parts to Wear Out
  • Low Rates while keeping field speeds down

Farmstar Direct Sweep Bar Manure Injection System
Direct Sweep Injection Units are available as 8, 10, and 12 Shank units on 24" spacing.
  • Standard with Morris Magnum 1250 Lb trip shanks
  • 16" Sweep Shovels and Manure tubes
  • Low Mount Even Distribution Manifold
  • Swing Arm with Double Pivot
  • Mainline Shut-off Valve
  • Flow meter ready
  • Telescopic Stops
  • Clam type Gauge Wheels

Farmstar Top Kick Splash Bar Manure Injection System
  • Great Start-up Package Bar
  • Boost Hay between Cuttings
  • 3,000 - 7,000 GPA
  • Minimal Height Splash means minimized odor
  • 3" Hose
  • Complete Ready to go to field

Farmstar Vertical Hose Reels Manure Injection System
  • Storage and Starter Size Reels from 2 Hose up to 10 Hose Reel.
  • Store: Drag and / or Feeder Hose, or Supply line for Pivot Irrigation Hose.
  • 2, 3, and 4 Hose Reels Come Standard Stock with Dividers for ease of Hose Storage.

Farmstar 7 Hose Reel Manure Injection System
Soft Hose & Irrigation Hose Reel
  • Store Drag and/or Feeder Hose
  • On the Farm Application
  • Minimize Soil Compaction
  • No need to go Highway Speeds when super single Tires will do

Farmstar 10 Hose Vertical Hose Reel Manure Injection System
Great for Custom Applicators.

Holds (8) 6" Feeder & (2) 6" Drag Hose.

Features Hydraulic Drive - you never have to leave the tractor!
  • 540 PTO Drive
  • Open Reel - No Dividers
  • Manual Brake on Spool
  • Heavy Duty Bearing & Double Chain
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • New Tires for Highway Travel: (4) 12/16.5 14Ply LT Tires
  • (4) New Wheels
  • (2) Torsion Axles, 10,000 lb Capacity with Electric Brakes

Farmstar Trailer Pumping Engine Unit Manure Injection System
200 or 300 HP John Deere Engine Units Available

4414T, 4NHTB, and 6NHTB Cornell Pumps Available
  • Murphy Shut down System
  • Full function Control Panel
  • Horse Power rated continuous
  • Radio Control Single Button function
  • Hydraulic shut-off with Optional Pig Launcher

Farmstar Hose Hustler Manure Injection System
  • Make your Drag Application Easier and Faster
  • Move the Hose Full
  • Move Hose Around Obstacles and out of harms way
  • Move the hose where Needed while operating
  • Extends Hose Life
  • Minimizes hose abrasion and punctures
  • Tools from those who know the tricks