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Patz 9427 - Portable Bale Chopper
The Patz Model 9427 Chopper can chop straw, hay, newspaper, and many other materials.
  • Transports easily wherever you need it!
  • Flip up deck for easy access to rotor.
  • Convenient flip up bale rack for carrying extra bale.
  • Adjustable discharge doors.
  • Bottom discharge.

Patz 9427 - Stationary Bale Chopper
You benefit from many years of blower manufacturing experience by Patz plus the proven performance of thousands of blowers.
End shaking straw by hand and get uniform mulching. Save labor and time, chop and spread a bale quickly and easily. Saves straw, each bale covers more area.
To chop materials more finely, you can add a screen with 1/2-inch (13mm) or 1-inch (25mm) holes.
Chopper fits in a pickup truck easily, even in a small pickup between the wheelwells. Also, the chopper may be attached to a trailer deck.
  • Rotor
  • Standard-Cut Grate
  • Rotor Blade
  • Seven Position-Grate Control
  • Convenient Controls
  • Hinged Deck
  • Polyethylene Deck Cover

Patz 9427 - with Blower Bale Chopper
Save labor and time, because you no longer need to manually distribute straw by hand.
Achieve more uniform mulching, quickly and easily, as you reduce material use.
Reduce the amount of straw required because each bale mulches more area.
Deck lifts off for easy access to rotor.
  • All controls are grouped together for convenient and easy operation!
  • Labels indicate clearly what each lever controls and direction to move it.
  • Control levers on Chopper with Blower are:
  • Rotor Engagement (engine powered models only)
  • Grate Height Adjustment
  • Tub Engagement
  • Fire extinguisher (Class ABC Rated) is standard on all Model 9427 Choppers

Patz 9427 - PTO Driven Bale Chopper
Great for animal feeds and bedding, composting and more!
Other uses:
Mulching lawns & landscapes
Mulching fruits, vegetables
Chopping tree bark
For recycling various materials
  • Convenient 3-point hookup (Category I & II).
  • Uses tractor PTO (540 RPM).
  • Rugged frame provides durability.
  • Maneuvers easily in close quarters.
  • Compact chopper design aids travel through ditches.
  • Choice of horizontal or vertical blower discharge.
  • Vertical riser has 255 directional spout.
  • Optional hose for hard-to-reach areas and for mulching.
  • For chopping finer, add a screen with 1/2-inch (13mm) or 1-inch (25mm) holes.